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Selasa, 11 November 2008

Renungan Bu Erlin

Lukas 13:10-14

10. Now he was teacing in one of the
synagigues on the sabbath.
11. And be hold,there was a woman who
had aspirit,of infirmity elghteen years
and was bent over and could in no raise henself up
12. But when jesus saw her.He called
her to him and said to her.Woman
you are lossed from your infirnity.
13. And he laid his hands on her and
immediattely she was made straght
and gloritied God.
14. But the ruler of the synagogue
answared with indighation,beacause jesus
had healed on the crowd.Ther are six days
on which men ougt to work,thwr
fore come and be healed on them,
and not on the sabbath day.
15. The lord then answered him and soud
hypocrite does not each one of you
one the sabbath loose his ox or
donkey from the stall,and leadid
away to water it.
16. So ought not this woman being a daughter
of abraham when satan has bound think of
it for eighteen years,be loosed from this bend on
the sabbath!
17. And when the said these think,all
it is adver this where put,to
sham,and all the multitude rejoiced
for all.

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